‘Mommy Calm Down’ Video: What Do You Say?

Mixed reactions have trailed the video of a young boy which made waves across the social media last week. In the video, the boy was being scolded by her mom for an act of disobedience, and the boy not wanting to be beaten as threatened by his mom told her to ‘calm down’ and sit down to relax. Later he went on his knees to apologise both in English and hilarious Yoruba. The boy who cannot be more than five did not stop at apologising. Seeing his mom was having none of that as she was keen on beating him this time, insisting that was not his first time committing the same misdemeanour, he then went on to negotiate the terms of punishment! OMG! That was the clincher for me. The boy was brave! Everyone who knows African mothers know you do not dare negotiate your punishment. You do the crime, you serve the time as spelt out by them. They won’t even give you room to do that, but this boy here broke the rule gallantly! Even though we are not sure whether he succeeded or not -- he was beaten while the camera was rolling, however we do not know whether he was beaten right after it stopped.

But the fact that he tried at all is enough! The boy is a winner any which way. I say that because even if he ends up being beaten, it would not be as serious as it would have been, because while the back and forth was going on, some of the mother’s anger would be evaporating with it and that will be in the boy’s favour. So however way it ended the boy did not lose. Personally, I enjoyed the video for the entertainment value and for the inherent message in it. Life is not by ‘gragra’. We get better result when we calm down and are not solely pushed by the heat of the moment. We do better, take good decisions and are generally the better for it if we are mostly calm. It is easier to make fatal errors in a moment of unclear head and hot emotions. The water is always clearer and mostgg useful when it is calm. However, some people feel otherwise about the video which is still making the rounds. They are of the opinion that the video being out there in the internet space is injurious to the child. Some also frown at the mother’s mode of diciplining which they consider abusive. They think the video will come back to haunt the young boy in the future as they feel some years down the line, it could be used as a material to bully the boy. These opinions are valid, but the Lagos State governor think otherwise as he has built a whole message to Lagosians around the video. Governor Babajude Sanwoolu admonished Lagosians in his Sallah message to ‘calm down’ and be measured as they go about celebrating eid-el-Kabir seeing the cornavirus pandemic is still very much out there. He then finished it up by asking to meet the boy so he could be their ambassador in Lagos State campaign against domestic violence in the state.