What is the Most Ridiculous Question on Parenting You Have Ever Heard?

I have come across many unbelievable questions on parenting that have gotten me reeling in utter disbelief, but this one right here takes the cake as the most ridiculous! Who asks questions like ‘Can parents sue their kids for the money it took to raise them?’ Really, who?

I know people say no question is stupid, but I honestly don’t think this is not stupid. Pardon me if you think this is harsh or me being judgemental, but I just can’t help it. It is beyond ridiculous! You want to sue a child that didn’t beg you to be born? A natural consequence of an action that occured between you and a sexual partner? I would like to ask the fellow to please swerve to the left, but I am feeling nice today, (like I have always been. lol!) so I will give a lovely comprehensive answer instead.

My Answer to the Most Ridiculous Question on Parenting I have Ever Heard 1. You are required by law, in most countries on planet earth, to care for and support your children so there is absolutely no grounds for a suit on that basis. You took the decision to have them, and that comes with a responsibility to care for them as bets as you can. The law says you have to spend some money for basics like feeding them, clothing them and sheltering them. You ensure they are educated and expose to proper healthcare. 2. Any money you spent on them beyond basics was a choice you made as such you cannot hold them liable to your own wilful choices. You chose to bow to whatever pressure from wherever and the kids are not to blame for that.

  1. You are the ones who chose to engage in an activity that leads to the production of a child. You and your sexual partner knew what you were doing and what it could lead to. Even if a party was forced to have sex, a party chose to keep the pregnancy. What I am saying essentially is; the child didn’th ask to be brought into the world. You are one of two people who made that decision for them. And since children are not capable of taking care and supporting themselves, you have an obligation to provide adequate support for them.

Always remember sex is a potentially expensive endeavour when you are not using any form of contraceptive – your decisoin not to use protection which led to the birth of the kid cannot be blamed on the kid! That your cornmeal got badly burnt cannot be blamed on the cornseller. The one who is to blame is the man in the mirror staring back at you.

  1. You really do not want to pursue a course as foolish as this because then, you risk the danger of being counter-sued by the same kids for bringing them into the world without their consent. Sometimes, it takes two to be foolish. Basically, they have a very easy defense against such a silly misadventure for in this kind of civil suit, the burden of proof will be on you to provide evidence that they are indeed at fault rather than yourself. Let me state this in conclusion, it is way more honourable to make conscious decision not to have kids and stick to it religiously than have one or some only to be asking questions like this.