Who We Are

We are Help in Time (HIT), a not-for-profit organisation set up to facilitate the meeting of needs of government registered nonprofit residential institutions – Orphanages and Old Peoples’ Home - in Nigeria.

As a nation, we love to give generously to good causes. It is a known fact that many Nigerians give these homes stuff every now and then with some doing it on a regular basis even, but the question is; are they giving what their choice home really need?

The truth is; there is a world of difference between giving and meeting an actual need. Usefulness and timeliness are the hallmarks of effective giving. This assertion is even more so with these homes.

Imagine your chosen home needs a medium sized chest freezer and you lovingly gift them a split unit A/C at that period. Yes, you have made a wonderful donation and have expressed the milk of human kindness flowing in you which is absolutely commendable, but have you really met a pressing need? The air conditioner is of course not useless but at that point, is it as useful to the home as the chest freezer?

This disparity is what HIT is built to address. We connect with government registered, charitable orphanages and care homes in Nigeria and bring them in into the programme. They create an account on our platform from where they post their urgent needs, soliciting for support from donors who could be individuals, groups or organisation.

The donors have the option of browsing through the various list of needs then reach out to the home whose request they wish to cater for. They can also pick a request they want to be alerted on should any home make it and get notifications sent to them immediately it is uploaded. The option of adopting a home is also available where donors are notified anytime that particular home makes a request.

It is absolutely beautiful and enriching to give, but wouldn’t it be an even more awesome experience when you know that that giving caters to a need in a timely manner? Donating a pair of pillows to a home is wonderful, but what if the home needs 12.5kg of gas cylinder filled and they are cash strapped at that very moment? Wouldn’t it be like a dew from heaven if they can post it as a need and you meet it in the nick of time? That, my good reader, is Help in Time!

We want to eliminate a situation where your money is not really well spent. Or those pillows that get thrown in a corner to gather dust till a need for them finally arises years away, can we say they are help in time? That is what we want to achieve; facilitating helpful giving in time.

Aside from bridging the gap between giving and receiving, and ensuring quality giving, we also help train the employees in children homes and old people’s homes. We organise physical trainings where we invite experts in the field to come skill up the people working in the homes on current industry trends in social welfare. We also post them relevant tips that will aid the efficient day-to-day running of the homes in the form of weekly newsletter and blogs.

Kindly note that the platform is designed in such a way that you engage with the homes directly. Their contact details are displayed in their account so you are able to reach them directly to make your donations independent of Help in Time.